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Not that this matters for weak pathetic male creatures of course. You are not even a person to the dominas and cruel Mistress cam dommes who frequent the live BDSM area.

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All of the dommes on this live femdom cams site insist on it being a CFNM webcam session and if you are not naked on your arrival to her private area, she will straight away demand that you remove your clothing and present your self for inspection.

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As she sits fully clothed and her modesty protected, you, on the other hand, will be bare-ass naked and exposed to the world. She can stare at you, laugh at you and make horrible, snide comments about you and make you stand there and listen to it.

It will be your first instinct to cover your cock and balls with your hands to give you some form of protection but your strict dominant females will berate you and straight away demand your hands behind your back. Leaving you in full view of watching eyes.


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Or maybe she will just make you parade around for her. Being in the scud for a guy is embarrassing due to his cock swinging around and all of the dommes on here know it so they will make you walk fast or jump up and down to have your dick swinging and your balls bouncing.

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If you are overweight, they will enjoy laughing at you as your belly jiggles and your man boobs shake. They will cackle with laughter as they point and laugh at you and will zero in on all imperfections you have.

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