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Mistresses know that their slave's lust after them, worship them and adore them. They know how much their subs desire them and they love to use it against them and torment with the fact they will never be allowed to sleep with them.
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These mean bitches online love to see the crestfallen look on your face as you are forced to listen to them or watch them and they love the way your cock twitches, betraying the fact you are turned on yet can do nothing about it.

Each of the live dominas enjoys cuckolding and cuckold humiliation. They enjoy the power it gives them and they love to humiliate you and make you feel weak and small. They love inflicting small penis humiliation on you and laughing at your tiny dick. Making you show them it and then they laugh at the point at it.

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Not at all. Prices start at 33c per minute so there is no excuse for you not to be humiliated and degraded for a decent length of time. Of course, I can always ramp up my price if you are into findom or being a human atm but you can use the free femdom chats area to tell me everything and then I can mould the session accordingly.
So there you have it. A bit about cuckolding and webcam and how they interact. Still, think you can stomach it? Having a superior female, a dominant woman, make you watch as she gets fucked or tell you about her real men lovers? If so, log in and select the live room of any of the dommes online.

Of course, there is. I love role play and I have a vivid imagination and endless thought process. I can play the hot wife on a business trip telling cuckold hubby about how I’m going to fuck strangers from the bar. I can be the hot wife cheating as normal and make husband watch. The possibilities are endless and we can come up with all sorts to keep it fresh each time . We also have some naked cam girls waiting to tease you with their boyfriends



If you live the lifestyle of a cuckold or have the fantasy and want to share it online with some amazing cuckold dresses who enjoy the whole humiliate and domination side of it, then be sure to enter our Live cam Rooms below.We have hundreds of women who like to remind you how you will never satisfy them and all you are good for is licking up another man's cum

A cuckold is a partner in a relationship who is cheated on. It can be voluntary with them watching their spouse with another person or simply by being cheated on. It is usually the male who is the cuckold and when dealing with femdom this is even more true. As an inferior male, your place is at the foot of the bed watching a real man fuck her or in the next room listening to her screams of pleasure.This is a very popular lifestyle for some people as well as very popular in the fantasy world. Check any bdsm webcam site and see for yourself just how popular this is.

I get off on the humiliation of my slaves so forcing you into a frilly dress, stockings, strappy high heels, panties, silk gloves and wig with full makeup on is certainly up my street. Making you sit and watch as a sissy bitch. Check out our sissy cams section



This is certainly possible. I occasionally bring my real man boyfriend into a session and make my cuck sit and watch as I suck his big dick and look on as he bends me over and fills and stretches my pussy with his girth. I get off on watching the look on my slave’s face, his crestfallen expression, and the way his bottom lip trembles as he sees me getting hammered. It is a huge turn on for me knowing that he is suffering while I get extreme pleasure

One thing I know about losers like you, and the one thing you all have in common, is the fact you are fucking useless in bed. Speaking to any woman who has ever had the misfortune to sleep with you or anyone you have dated and they will all say the same thing. Could not satisfy a woman and bloody hopeless at getting a female off. You do not deserve to inflict your podgy or skinny body on any lady and as for your tiny dick, well, just keep it in your pants loser boy cause it’s no use to a woman like me.

I want big proper dicks belonging to real men who know what they are doing and what it takes to please me. Men (and I use the term loosely here) like you deserve nothing but my contempt and ridicule. 

You deserve nothing in the way of sexual relief and you don’t deserve any less than orgasm denial and a lifetime of longing to be with a gorgeous woman like me but knowing that it will never ever happen. The other thing you are going to have to get used to is cuckolding. Since you can’t satisfy her it makes sense she will go and find a real man who can. She can still use you as a human atm or a pay pig for when she needs money but for the fun, sex satisfaction? Sorry dweeb, you lose.



Not all but I certainly prefer mine to be locked away safely so I can enjoy myself without worrying he’s away playing with himself. If you so useless you can not satisfy a lady then what gives you the right to think you can just tug on your own dick? Essentially it is up to the mistress. My slaves are always kept denied but others are ok with their slaves having access to their cocks.

This is not possible via webcam but as I am sucking his real man big dick I can put the cam up close to the screen and make you tell us how much more superior it is in comparison to yours. I can also make you say how much you want to suck it or I can tell you how I would make you open your mouth and take all his inches down your throat. It is all possible to have this fantasy via webcam by Roleplay and imagination

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