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Humiliation Cams online is a great way for Femdoms to have some fun at the slave or sissy girls expense. We enjoy every area of humiliation chat from the public, too small penis to forced feminization to verbal and so much more.

If you are ready to become a humiliated slave via webcam then click the live chat boxes below and chat with our online Mistresses who are always waiting to degrade, belittle, abuse and laugh in your face

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There is lot of humiliation porn to be found online. Plenty of pathetic cuckold slaves and small penis humiliation to be had but nothing even comes close to actually being humiliated by a beautiful dominatrix live on femdom webcam.

There are hundreds of online Mistress ready to dominate and degrade you. Why waste your time watching videos or looking at pictures of some other male slave being humiliated when you can go to an online female domination site and have it for yourself? The dommes online here are experts in all areas of S & M and female domination so they can fulfil any fantasy you have.

They even do lezdom for female submissive slaves!

All parts of femdom can be used here, from the extremely popular small penis humiliation to cuckold scenarios, CFNM, diaper humiliation and much more.

Nothing is off-limits and anything goes with these dominatrix ladies and they can take every remaining ounce and a shred of dignity you have and strip it away with ruthless glee and leave you nothing more than a blubbering mess on the floor, dreading the sound of her voice as it only brings more humiliating tasks and orders for you to carry out.

humiliation cams


Since every male likes to play with himself, one of the most common types of sessions is for JOI (jerk-off instructions) where Mistress directs you in how you wank. Slow, fast, upstrokes only, stop, start or whatever.

She will mix it up till your dick is rock solid and desperate to cum but she will keep tormenting you till you are crying uncontrollably and then she will either leave you frustrated or order you to have a ruined orgasm, leaving you feeling unfulfilled.

Many mistresses enjoy diaper humiliation. Forcing you to wear a baby nappy either under your clothes or only wearing it when you are in her presence. Maybe she will order you to fill it with your own waste and then make you keep it on and kiss her boots or ass with your soiled diaper.

Our sissy cams are always a busy place  with so many dirty little bitches online we can never keep up and we never get enough of humiliating them and giving them slave tasks

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Another popular method of humiliating male slaves is by forced feminization.

Forcing you to dress in puffy dresses, frilly knickers, stockings, suspenders, strappy high heel shoes and elbow-length gloves.

They then make you either take a strap-on up your slutty ass and be fucked till you can barely walk straight to prepare you for when you are pimped out as a cheap fuck or they will have you on your knees scrubbing the toilet or licking it clean with your tongue.

Your tiny little dick belongs to her and only she can decide what happens it, Mistress does enjoy small penis humiliation and mocking microdisks on webcam

Maybe they will make you clean the floor and get on your hands and knees while shaking your sissy ass? These really are the best humiliation cams online with some of the best Dominatrices who love the game of power exchange

Perhaps she will shut your cock in a chastity cage and forbid you from getting hard? Making you perform degrading tasks in order to earn your release. Forcing you to beg to be unlocked so you can have an orgasm.

Imagine that, being made to be a superior female to let you do something once in a blue moon that most other men do multiple times a day. So humiliating but nothing less than you deserve.


Each of the domes is also experienced in role-play scenarios and can act out a specific fantasy you might have as well.

One of the more popular ones is for the cuckold and hotwife where the wife is out fucking another man and the husband either has to watch or is made to listen to all the details of her with a real man. Lots of verbal degradation and severe put-downs to be had as she unleashes a tirade of insults to shatter your manhood. Have cam-to-cam sex here

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All of the webcam domination sessions are in pov so the Mistress is looking right at you to immerse you fully in the experience.

Her cold, piercing eyes and stern tongue will reduce you to a quivering wreck desperate not to anger her and her twisted imagination will leave you speechless at the cruel, horrible ways she can think of to humiliate you to the very brink of your limits.

These powerful women know no boundaries and they will do anything they please to you and you will have no choice but to comply. She might use team viewer to get information to blackmail you with.

It is not unheard of for Mistresses to force a straight slave to engage in public gay sex and blow guys in public toilets or to force them to live under her ass in a facesitting session.

Maybe she will turn you into a sissy faggot and take cock up your ass while dressed in frilly knickers and puffy dresses. But whatever it is she decides to do to you, you have no choice in the matter. You must obey your mistress and do exactly as she commands. Find skype fetish cams here

These are heartless, strict women and mean bitches online. They know no mercy and are not to be angered. They know they are vastly superior to you and how worthless you are.

They own you. You are their property to be used and abused as they wish and they will toss you aside if you do not obey them without question. So suck it up and leave your self-respect behind.

Log into this femdom cam chat site now and get ready to serve at the feet of a beautiful dominatrix who does not give one iota about how much she humiliates you. If you enjoy all areas of BDSM and want to dabble then do be sure to test out the live BDSM cams section on any adult chat site and see for yourself just how easy it is to hook up with like-minded people who enjoy the scene just as much as you do.