Financial Domination Cams


Get your wallet out piggy, it’s pay time. This website is full of mistresses who are ready to bleed you dry and leave you broke, penniless, destitute and ruined before they move on to the next sucker.

financial domination

These are harsh and cruel mistresses who do not care one little bit if you have no money left to buy food or put the heating on. THEY are your one and only priority and when they say pay, you pay.

financial domination

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To these Dommes, you are nothing more than a human atm. A walking wallet they can simply take money from to spend or fritter away. They know you are so unbelievably pathetic, so ridiculously useless and such a loser that the only way you can get any kind of attention from a woman is by throwing money at them.

That’s why these mean bitches are live and online because rather than have to go looking for the likes of you, all they need to do is sit and wait till you come to them, begging and pleading to be bled dry.

There are hundreds of findom mistresses online but far and away the best ones can be found here. This site is chock full of Dommes with cruel minds, cold hearts and zero sympathies for any suffering they inflict on their slaves. Think they are not as tough and strict as you think? Then see what sort of humiliation webcam session awaits you

They will take every penny you have and then make you work overtime and instead of using that to buy some food, they will make you give them that as well.

Even the fact you are on this femdom webcam site says how pathetic you are and each and every live mistress here is ready to take full advantage of that. For there is one undeniable fact. She is much more important than you.

– She deserves fine clothes. You deserve rags
– She deserves steak and caviar. You deserve beans on toast
– She deserves a luxury car. You deserve to take a bus
– She deserves long lie-ins. You deserve to riddle at 4 am and work 3 jobs

When you are accepting of these facts, you are at least worthy of her attention and of entering financial slavery.
A findom session can either be by mistress jacking up her price to $10 per minute then wasting time to rack up money from your credit card or it can be by giving you set amounts to give her each day, week or month with heavy financial penalties for late payments.

Whichever way is chosen, the money must be sent and if you need to cancel your cable, walk instead of drive to save gas, skip meals or whatever it takes to save money to meet your obligation to your dominatrix owner then that is your problem, not hers. Why should she go without?

findom, greedy mistress

Your task with financial slavery is simple. Make her life comfortable. That includes buying her jewellery, paying for her meals, her clothing or shoes, buying her gifts.

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Many mistresses will torment their slaves by using his money to buy sexy lingerie for their real men lovers and flaunt it in your face, laughing at you as she dangles her see-through panties and sexy bra in front of you and tells you all about how you will never see her wearing it but her lover will and that YOU paid for his pleasure with her. That is the level you deserve to be at.

Each and every mistress on this femdom cam website is an expert at manipulating men to get what they want and they will wring every last cent from you, their toy. You are nothing to them.

An insignificant little bug who doesn’t warrant any attention from them so you best open your wallet and get your credit cards out because if you want to feature in the lives of these superior females, you need to lay and pay big.
There is no shortage of findom mistresses waiting for you online right now. Join the site and get ready to serve

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