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I have always been a naturally dominant female. Even when I was younger in the school playground all the boys would do their best to please me and I had them all running around after me.


I was also a bit of a bitch and I used to enjoy embarrassing and humiliating them for no other reason than my own amusement and it always amazed me that no matter what I did, they would still keep coming back. As I got older I discovered that weak males would always do whatever I wanted and I could use this to my advantage.

A natural progression for me was to work as a Dominatrix and in particular, on a live femdom cams site. This means the inferior males come to me and actually pays me to humiliate him. I get paid for doing what I love and would be doing anyway!

I have been doing 1 to 1 female domination online for about 12 years now and my naturally dominant nature, my sadistic streak and my evil laugh keeps the weaklings always coming back for more.

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Nothing gives me greater pleasure than putting on some skin-tight leather trousers or a PVC dress that hugs my body and makes my cleavage ride high and deep. I have natural beauty, with deep and piercing blue eyes and an almost smirk like smile which works out perfectly for me.

Almost as soon as I log on I have some loser or another desperate for my attention. They all lust after women like me and they know it is never gonna happen, something that I take great pleasure in telling them. Even though they don’t say it, I still never tire of seeing their face fall when I flaunt my 36DD tits at them and tell them they will never get to touch them.


I get a kick out of dishing out small penis humiliation as well. All men like to think they are well hung but honestly, some of the “things” (I can’t even call them men!) have below 3 inches. It’s ridiculous. I love mocking them and making them feel completely inadequate and then making them repeat it back to me.

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I am quite a sadistic Mistress and I make them do all sorts of things for my own amusement. I have had subs

– Put clothes pegs on their balls and yank them off then thank me

– Write “Cum drinking sissy” on their body in bright red lipstick

  • Fuck their ass with a huge dildo

– Crawl on the dirty floor and beg to kiss my boots

– Pour custard and baked beans over their head and roll around in the mess

– Lock them in a chastity cage and made them beg to be allowed to orgasm

– Dressed them up like a total slut and show me how they suck cock

And that is just the tame stuff!

I treat each session differently because what one sub finds humiliating won’t bother another. For example, public humiliation might involve them being naked and standing at a window. Some slaves will not care as they might not have any neighbours or anything out of that window but other slaves might, which makes it all the worse for them.

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There is never a shortage of submissive men who desire to serve dominant women online. They keep coming in droves and I humiliate and degrade each and every one of them.

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Femdom webcam is a natural habitat for a strict Mistress like me. If any slave shows any insubordination I simply click them away and block them. I am in charge and I call the shot. Looking for a real skype Mistress then try here

From financial domination to Giantess, from smoking fetish to blackmail fantasy roleplay, from boot worship to ass worship and from orgasm control to online chastity keyholding, whatever their fantasy is to serve a superior female, I can deliver.

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There are hundreds of ebony women online right now and they are among the strictest and most severe on the internet. 

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