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Ready for some fun with our Mistresses online who enjoy sissy cams, especially humiliating and degrading dirty little sluts, whores and maids. Our Femdom Webcams are full of cruel Females who enjoy training sissy girls on cam.

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The most popular kind of femdom session is for sissy humiliation. Lots of guys just like you who dress in frilly knickers, stockings, strappy high heels, suspenders, puffy dress and silk gloves and are then ritually and brutally humiliated by superior females.

Nothing says humiliated like being on your knees, dressed as a sissy, a maid or a slut and deep throating a strap on, licking Mistress boots or scrubbing the floor with your slutty ass wiggling about.

There are hundreds of Mistresses online and each one loves nothing more than to dish out humiliating tasks to a sissy or of degrading their sissy sluts till their cheeks burn bright red and they want the ground to open up and swallow them. All the dommes have twisted and sadistic imaginations and can come up with new and unique ways to torment and degrade their sissy subs and slaves. Masturbation cams online live

You will not be able to prepare yourself for the humiliation and degradation you will suffer at the hands of these dominatrix’s and all you can do is follow their orders to the letter and hope they show mercy on you. Not that there is much chance of that though.

Each live Mistress gets a perverse pleasure and a little turned on by the things she can inflict on the likes of you. You are nothing to them. You are lower than the dirt on her stiletto boots and nothing but a sissy faggot who deserves to be reduced to the nothing you are.

This is what you can expect in all our live BDSM cams sessions with cruel dominant females who don’t give a shit about you all they care about is the pleasure they get from laughing and dressing you up


The most popular way of humiliating the likes of you is forcing you to deep throat a dildo. All sissies and sluts must be ready to suck cock for their Mistress to earn her money and you are no different.

On your knees with mouth open, you will take that 10-inch rubber cock in your mouth and suck it like you are mad at it. Taking every inch down your throat, in and out of your mouth and gagging on it. You will need to learn to buy pass the gag reflex because she will be forcing you to take bigger and bigger cocks as time goes on.

sissy cams

All sissy sluts like you need to be ready to take massive cocks at a moment’s notice from a horny guy and practise makes perfect as they say.
Same goes for taking it up your slutty ass.

A big part is also anal training so you will also be made to get on all fours, pull your panties down, hitch your puffy skirt around your waist and slip that dildo between your cheeks and up your ass. Your mistress will laugh as you winch and gasp as you push it in inch by inch, stretching your ass hole and getting it used to take a thick cock up it. Pumping it in and out, you will get a feel for being fucked in the ass and be ready to take real cock for your owner.

As she sits giggling at your suffering and embarrassment you will keep on fucking your ass till she tells you to stop. If she is feeling particularly sadistic she might take this opportunity to force you to do ass to mouth and put it straight in your mouth and then suck it clean.

sissy humiliation


All sissies need to be proficient in the household and domestic tasks and you will be no different. You will be expected to be on your hands and knees scrubbing the floors or general tidying up duties. All of which will be under the strict supervision of Mistress of course.

With your ass wiggling with the vigorous effort you are putting in, she will think nothing of giving you a kick up the backside or a whack with her cane if she thinks you are slacking or not giving 110% effort.

For the more extreme sissy humiliation session, some mistresses will make you endure public humiliation. They will force you to go to the store fully dressed like a slut or a sissy maid and buy groceries or feminine products. There are videos online of sissies being forced to go in and buy a single cucumber and condoms. This could be you.

All live dommes have practically no limits and will think nothing of sending you out fully dressed with full makeup on into a public, crowded area and having people point and snigger at you for her own personal amusement. You can view much more live fetish cams right here

There is no shortage of dommes online who can give you the sissy maid humiliated or sissy cum slut session you deserve. By using the free femdom cams chat area she can ascertain what kind of sissy you are from it being forced feminization to full transformation and if you are a nervous newbie or an experienced crossdresser.

You can talk to them about what level you are at and what you are looking for and they, in turn, can suggest things to add to your session to keep it interesting and shake it up.
So if you are a prissy sissy and a maid looking to serve or a slut needing to be trained to suck and fuck, this is the site for you. Hundreds of mistresses await you right now and they are itching to get their hands on you and degrade you to within an inch of your life. Do NOT keep them waiting. You will only make them madder and more severe on you

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This really depends on the sissy in question and what type they are, ie are they a real dirty cock sucking slut? Or are they a maid who wants to learn about all things related to being a sissy maid.

This is where you will discuss with the Mistress in the live free chat area, it gives you a chance to establish the different types of cam sessions available to you. All of the cross-dressers we see have different ideas and different needs, so it’s important that you point this out to your online Mistress. But I have listed some of the more popular requests below to give you a bit of an idea.

We have hundreds of  adult cams live available 247 so no matter what time of the day or night you have the urge to get up and get dressed into your prissy sissy girl clothing, we will always have hundreds of Mistresses or Crossdressers online ready to dominate and take control of you in a live webcam session

Dressing up like a slut /faggot

Sucking a dildo real cock

Eating Cum

Practice anal so as your ass can be used frequently

Wearing panties, bras and stockings

Obedience training

How to walk and talk like a girl

What to wear and how to do your makeup

How to serve Mistress and her friends

Not to pee with the seat up anymore

Knowing your place in the sissy cams show

Possible cbt training

Possible Jerk off instructions

Pantie sniffing and stuffing

Real Humiliation And Domination

How to become a proper sissy maid

How to curtsy, dress and serve properly

Ways to make money for your new owner

You can also check out our latex cams – kinky Mistresses dressed in Pvc & rubber ready to humiliate their sissy girls

How to grow boobs and take hormone tablets to become a proper sissy bitch

These are just some of the things that happen in a live show but others include blackmail, financial domination, public outdoor fun being made to dress and go outdoors, discussing being pimped out to make money for your online BDSM mistress and so much more. so just enter the live rooms and see for yourself just how popular they are and see what your new Goddess has in store for her faggot bitch