Little dick losers it’s time to enter our live chat rooms so we can laugh and humiliate you. We want to take pictures of your little pindick, your useless little stump. Enter our live humiliation webcams and get ready to be laughed at and verbally abused by real women who take great pride in laughing at small penis losers like you.

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The main go-to area for any dominant female to go for when she is humiliating her male slave is the size of his cock. All men treasure their dicks and like to think they are massively well endowed and the best way to hit them where it hurts and chip away at their self-confidence and any last remaining shreds of manhood is to rip into their size mercilessly.

On this live humiliation cams site, there are hundreds of powerful women who are absolutely merciless when it comes to SPH. They have no compassion or feelings whatsoever for their subs.

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They are brutal, extreme, vindictive and nasty. These size queens love nothing more than laying into a slave with a barrage of verbal humiliation and cutting insults till you are a quivering wreck. My bottom lip trembling and shaking with the knowledge that this gorgeous Mistress is disgusted by you and that she is completely unattainable to the likes of you. You are laughed at and verbally degraded because you have a small penis

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These mean bitches want real men with real big thick dicks that can satisfy a woman and who know what they are doing. Not tiny little pin-dick losers with 2-inch microscopic nubs.
I am a naturally dominant woman and becoming a dominatrix was a natural step for me. It just made sense. I love nothing more than making a male slave crawl around the floor at my feet, kissing my boots or worshipping my ass. It makes me feel incredibly powerful and I get very turned on by the power I have over these losers.


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My favourite type of session, however, is a small penis humiliation. I actually get wet between the legs when I give a sub a mouthful of abuse about his tiny pecker and it gives me a great deal of satisfaction to see his bottom lip tremble and his body shake as I rattle his confidence till it is in tatters. When I scream at them “show your tiny dick loser”It’s time for small penis humiliation online

I work predominantly on femdom cams where I can have guys come to me live and I can dominate them online. They come to me, tell me what areas of BDSM interest them and I can mould a session to fix it and when they tell me they are into sph, or I can see for myself just how small they are, then my heart gives a flutter.

It is by far my favourite kind of a session as I need to do very little except sit back and laugh my ass off at how ridiculous these losers and sissies are. All of our cams live rooms are available 247

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I usually make them stand in front of me with their legs apart and their hands behind their head, exposing their dick. Let me talk you through my last session.

When I had this loser standing in front of me, his pasty skin shining and his gut turning my stomach, I stared at him for a moment with my head tilted. He was trembling and shaking and the fact I was smirking at him was probably not helping. After a little while, I began talking to him.

He stared at me as I began asking him about how many women he had slept with, how many laughed when they saw his dick, how many times he had failed to make a woman orgasm and if any of them had ever compared him to their exes. He hated these questions and he was hesitant in answering. Shaking and shivering but when I raised my voice and put on my stern tone he soon bucked up his ideas. I was in kinks of laughter as he answered them. I ridiculed his ridiculously small number of partners and got tore into his size as the problem. I called him

– Baby dick
– Maggot dick
– Chipolata cock
– Small dick loser
– Clitty cock

And I wiggled my pinkie at him and cackled so much I almost wet myself. He was fighting back the tears but I was far from finished yet. I made him gather up a few items.

tiny cock picture

– Aaa battery
– Biro lid
– Baby carrot
– Chipolata sausage
– And a 2 pence piece

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I then made him measure his self against them. It was hilarious the way his penis was dwarfed by these small objects. As tiny as they were, his dick was even smaller. The baby carrots especially were difficult for him.

He sighed as I made him measure against it and tears actually fell from his face as I told him that he’d be better off using that on a woman and she would feel it more than his little pecker.

Occasionally I do role-playing as well. My fave is cuckolding. I love to play the hotwife who calls her husband and tells him she’s going to fuck another man in a hotel room. Sometimes I have another man with me that I have sex with and make the slave watch and not touch himself.

Another thing I enjoy about small dick losers is the use of chastity and orgasm control. The sound of the padlock clicking as I snap that plastic cage around his junk is music to my ears and many a night I have lain in bed thinking of my slave’s frustration at not being allowed to cum.

I make them beg and plead for me to unlock them and I get a serious kick from asking them if their dick has grown.

When they say no I love the look on their face when I say “well you can’t be unlocked then can you”! HAHA
There are hundreds of female domination hosts like me online right now and they are all able to give an sph session on webcam to a tiny dick loser like you so stop playing with yourself like a spotty teenager and get your sorry arse into the private area now

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